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Topic: A litte Celtic Wind...

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    Smile A litte Celtic Wind...

    Just got Bela D's Celtic Wind, it is amazing If you don't have it, get it

    Still playing around with it, but it's quite inspirational. Here's a little celtic thing I came up with last night


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    Re: A litte Celtic Wind...

    Sounds excellent, flight! Love the atmosphere in this tune.

    I have also ordered celtic wind this week and am waiting for it to arrive.. very excited

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    Re: A litte Celtic Wind...

    Thanks freakmod

    You're going to love Celtic Wind

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    Re: A litte Celtic Wind...

    that's a lovely piece you've got there flight!

    What's producing those deep bass notes?

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    Re: A litte Celtic Wind...

    Alan, there's a bit of the Celtiberic War Horn from celtic wind in there. And I have the bass section pumped up a bit, it's EWQLSO.


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