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Topic: Static and hiss in mp3

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    Static and hiss in mp3

    I am having technical problems with this piece. The MIDI was created using Noteworthy Composer, and was then imported into Cubase SX3. I then assigned the GPO voices to each track, and it plays fine... inside Cubase. When I do an audio mixdown to an mp3 file, however, there is some sort of static or fuzzing in the mp3. Each mixdown has the staic and hiss, although in different places. And for the record, this is the same method I used to produce Dark Island (on the same web page) and it does not have these problems. The mp3 in question is on the page linked below. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what is causing this and how to fix it?


    BTW, I am using Cubase SX3 and GP V3 (Kontakt2) on a Windows XP system. The web page holding both mp3's mentioned above can be found here.

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    Re: Static and hiss in mp3

    Okay, this is a follow-up. I've tried varying the mp3 attributes from "64kbit; 24.000 khz; stereo" to "320 kbits; 44.100 khz; stereo", but the mp3 still contains bursts of static. I tried mixing down to wav and wma files instead of mp3, and the static is still produced. I even tried removing the Roomworks plug-in that I was using to give it a little reverb. Nothing has worked, and the static is being produced in all cases.

    The part that has me going crazy is that it plays FINE in Cubase!!! Not only that, other pieces that I produced the exact same way produce fine mp3's with no static.

    Guys, I need to have this piece properly mixed down absolutely no later than Tuesday. ANY ideas are welcome!

    I saw that somebody else was experiencing something similar, and the only suggestion was to check for an IRQ conflict with the sound card. If that were the case with me, wouldn't the static be audible during playback inside Cubase as well?

    I'm really behind the eight ball on this one, with a deadline fast approaching. HELP!!!!

    UPDATE: Okay, I've managed to get a static-free mixdown by doing it real-time. However, I'm not confident that it wasn't just a fluke. And besides, I shouldn't HAVE to do it real-time in order to get a good mixdown. From this, it seems to me that some kind of Cubase-GPO interaction may be taking place. Not good.

    Any suggestions?
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