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Topic: Brandenburg 2 Revisted

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    Bach - Brandenburg #2 - Movements 1 & 3

    Hi All,

    More than a year ago I posted my rendering of the third movement of Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F Major with a promise to deliver other movements. Well, after much procrastination, I have completed the first movement. Still some balance and dynamics tweaking must be done (to match the third - and that took a long time). Not sure if I like the Stradivari (v2 - not GPO) in this, it seems a little metalic and nasal. I played with different articulations, but they just didn't respond well. A nice saltando or detache sound would have been better, if I could get it right. Gofriller worked much better and isn't as fussy. I tried a different playing technique for the trills and ornaments on the first movement. And lastly, I completely performed the figured bass for the first movement, rather than copy lines from other instruments like I did on the third mvt (good ears may hear a few harmonic issues, but oh well, I'm not a keyboardist by profession and not many people can read and play figured bass anyhow). Here are links to the first and the third (unchanged from last year):

    First Movement

    • Piccolo trumpet - vibrato
    • Alto flute (for more of a baroque flute sound)
    • Classical Oboe
    • Stradivari Violin v. 2
    • Gofriller Cello
    • KS String sections
    • Harpsichord - standard stop
    Third Movement

    When I get brave, I will tackle the second movement. With only 5 instruments, it's so exposed - and that is scary!

    Look forward to your feedback.

    Happy listening!
    Trevor Blu Rutkowski
    Colorado, USA

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    Re: Brandenburg 2 Revisted


    I can hear all of the hard work you have put into this.

    Well done

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    Re: Brandenburg 2 Revisted

    My heavens, what an undertaking -- and what results!

    Trevor, my hat's off to you for a job well done in every
    regard -- rendering, conducting, and, yes, even that
    figured bass... lol! I think there are only three of us
    left on the planet who can read it.


    My best,


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    Re: Brandenburg 2 Revisted

    Thanks for your feedback. This has been a labor of love. I love analyzing Bach (call me a freak), as there is so much going on and so much to explore. That's what really brought me to realizing this. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    All the best,

    Trevor Blu Rutkowski
    Colorado, USA

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    Re: Brandenburg 2 Revisted

    Where'd the figured bass come from? My score has a written continuo bass doubling the cello, as does the one I found on the net. Never mind tho. Maybe its because its a miniature score
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    Re: Brandenburg 2 Revisted

    Continuo implies figured bass including the supporting chord - the keyboardist (harpsichord in this case) analyzes the measure and determines the chords that should be used to "fill in". Specific chord structures are sometimes included at various points (the first movement only indicates this in 3 places with 6/4 inversions in all three places - the third has a few more with accidentals included). I chose to do an eighth note rendering, but more advanced keyboardists would probably include some of the melody as well. I could have done this via step recording, but I liked the challenge of doing more of a "live" version, so it felt more improvised. I recorded it a few times and only fixed a few fat fingers here and there that were exposed (note that I also kept the harpsichord a little more further back in the first movement than the third - for good reason ). Hope that answers it a bit for you.

    There is a very good wiki on this too, that may explain it better:


    Best regards,

    Trevor Blu Rutkowski
    Colorado, USA

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