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Topic: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

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    Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!


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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing that Jon!

    My favourite horn moment has always been the fugue from Britten's 'Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings.' I have Dennis Brain playing it - his entry simply rips a whole through the entire string orchestra - one of those moments that brings out the goosebumps every time I listen.

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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    Hi Jon - If you like this, it's also on the CD called "The London Horn Sound", featuring 30 of London's finest horn players.


    Dad played horn for 70 years, and hearing this always motivates him to get the old Paxman out and hit those high glisses.


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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    That is some kick @$$ low horn playing right there. I couldn't crank that out even on my Schilke 32 mouthpiece that is almost a trombone cup!

    The LHS Bohemian Rhapsody is great, but I prefer the version of "Caravan" on the same disk - the finale of that arrangement is just killer. If they are truly coming out with a second album I will gladly be one of the first in line.

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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    When I was coming out of the 7th grade, it coincided with a family move across the state of Virginia. As a going away present, my piano teacher gave me a copy of the 4 Mozart Horn Concerti played by Dennis Brain. I had just started playing horn that year and she knew I liked it better than piano. That was, IIRC, in 1953. I still have that vinyl although I no longer have a turntable on which to play it. Great performances by the best ever.
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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    You speak the truth, my friend! As tiring as the Mozart concerti can become, Brain's playing brings them back to life every time, without exception.

    Oh, now we're talkin great history.

    How about the Strauss Horn Concerti, #1 in E Flat Major, and #2 in E Flat Major w/Tuckwell circa pre-goatee?

    I've yet to hear better better. If there is, please somebody point me!!


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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    OMG!!!! I just noticed the producer of those wonderful low-end sounds is a woman!

    OH THE JOY!!!

    I remember Mom would often give Dad excrement about how women would eventually make into his little world - he would only cringe at the prospect!!!

    Oh JEEZ, I have issues to resolve now! It's exciting!!


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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    Call me crazy ("You're crazy!") but I find Dennis Brain to be a bit to showy at times, pushing tempi beyond their intended result just to be flashy. For a more "realistic" performance I prefer Tuckwell for Mozart, and Eric Ruske's Mozart recordings are quite nice as well.

    I had the joy of hearing post-goatee Tuckwell perform the Mozart 4th in concert with the London Phil during one of their summer stays in Daytona Beach, FL back must have been ten years ago or more. Great performance. He also did a master class the next day that was great.

    I'm also a big fan of Hermann Bauman for the big Germanic sound (on Strauss, for instance).

    Andrew Clark is a must for natural horn - his recording of small ensemble pieces on EMI Classics "Music for Horn: Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart" is unbelievable. The Brahms Horn Trio on that disc is phenominal.

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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!



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    Re: Berlin Phil Horn Ensemble...wow!

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Back when I first actively started the monotonous lip trill excercises - I'd pop in some Tuckwell after my practice sessions were done for the day and have to pick my chin up off the floor every time! I remember saying "my horn must be broken. it doesn't do that"
    Always a bad idea!! When I was learning Petrouchka I'd occasionally pop in Pollini, just to remind myself what I was aiming for - it invariably left me depressed, as he breezed through the four bars I'd just practised for eight hours at about 4 times the speed I could ever hope for.

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