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Topic: Really bizarre Sibelius problem

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    Really bizarre Sibelius problem

    I'm hoping there's another Sibelius user here, who has had this problem, and solved it. I was working on a score yesterday, and everything was fine. I did work with Sibelius only occupying about half the screen, because I was comparing the score to a previous version, which was open in Acrobat format. The note entry keypad was, some of the time, outside of the main Sibelius window.

    Today I've opened the file back up to discover that the note entry keypad is stuck at the top of the screen. It's halfway off the screen, so that I can't grab the top of it and move it anywhere. I've tried cascading all the windows, tiling them, hiding the tools windows, etc, etc. I've tried minimising Sibelius, but the keypad doesn't go with it. Nothing I do seems to shift the thing to where I can use it. It also seems that this is a setting that's general to Sibelius, rather than being saved with the individual file - so it's stuck there no matter what file I open.

    The Sibelius help came up blank. Any ideas?

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    Re: Really bizarre Sibelius problem

    These quirks sure can be a pain. First thought: can you close the keypad? The close Sibelius, start over. Then open the keypad again.


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    Re: Really bizarre Sibelius problem

    The usual rule in this kind of situation is to select the object (the keyboard) then press Alt+F4. This should close it. Its a windows control which might be over written though in SIbelius

    If you're in MAC I can't help
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    Re: Really bizarre Sibelius problem

    Thanks guys. I tried your ideas, but it was pretty resistant. When I closed the keypad, and Sibelius, it still seemed to remember where it was the next time I opened it.

    In the end, someone PM'd me a solution, from a thread in another forum, which involved downloading a registry key - worked great.

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    Re: Really bizarre Sibelius problem

    There exist a fabulous utility for tweaking the position of windows in your desktop, called "Faber toys". It has several tools, and one of them is the "windows explorer" that allow you to tweak the position of any windows-subwindows running in your desktop.


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    Re: Really bizarre Sibelius problem

    I've solved a similar problem in another program some time ago by simply changing to a lower resolution screen, then back again... it seemed to make a call to reposition windows that were in bad places when I did that.
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