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Topic: Crackling/Popping when recording

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    Crackling/Popping when recording

    I'm using GPO for Finale 2008 and recording using the save special option under the file tab into a .wav file. When I do this I'm getting a crackling/popping sound recorded intermittently to the track. At first I thought it might be a volume issue; I tried recording at a different level, and the pops still happen but at different places.

    What causes this and is there a way to correct it?

    (Sound card? Processor speed? Settings in Finale or GPO? Is there a different way to record?)

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    Re: Crackling/Popping when recording

    I don't know how Finale sends its outout to the sound card but if its a midi driver then the buffer might be too small. Its running out of space before the last notes are finished playing. If its got its own driver it could be the same problem, there should be some way of setting up this interface
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    Re: Crackling/Popping when recording

    I had the same problem with Sonar and my Indigo Echo card.

    The problem was the Audio buffer. I simply went into Audio->Options and increased the buffers. Solved.

    Also, what programs you have running in the background may have an effect too. Try and close in your tray as many programs as you can that you don't need.
    Here are some more tips from Echo that you may find useful:

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    Re: Crackling/Popping when recording

    Yep, what Banshaw said...
    On my computer the virus-scanner did the job..
    Here another link to optimize your pc for recording:

    Good luck
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