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Topic: two questions!

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    two questions!

    Can the latency buffer be adjusted? seems fixed at 512..
    I thought I read that the Aria player had a built in recorder... am I mistaken? There appears to be a record button on the lower part of the screen, but it's not accessible... rookie questions, I know : )
    Piano Haven Recording Studio, Seattle, WA

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    Re: two questions!

    Joe, did you set a filename for the recorder, first? (That up-arrow
    button on the right.) You have to do that first, before the
    record button will enable.



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    Re: two questions!

    with the latency, i think that depends on your sound card. Are you using ASIO (a type of driver)? If not, you should. If your sound card doesn't come with ASIO drivers, do a google search for ASIO4ALL, which works just fine with my sound card that came on-board with my Intel motherboard. With ASIO 4 All, I can set my latency to a variety of settings.


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    Re: two questions!

    I have an Echo Mia-Midi, & I don't see any settings regarding the buffer/latency...
    Piano Haven Recording Studio, Seattle, WA

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    Re: two questions!

    download ASIO4ALL (look it up in Google) it should work with your sound card. Once you download and install it, select "ASIO" under "Audio Device API" and ASIO4ALL v2 under "Audio Device" in the Garritan Steinway Preferences menu.

    After you do this, you should be able to change the buffer size.


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