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Topic: Install question (again..)

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    Install question (again..)

    Doing a PC rebuild, and I've loaded KP2, then the Gofriller and Stradivari libraries.

    I seem to recall that at this point, I should just pull the GPO files from disk into a folder, and run that way... is that correct?

    I ask this simply because the GPO install discs of course do not have KP2 on them.


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    Re: Install question (again..)

    Hi atropos,

    The best way to install GPO-KP2 is to download the 2.2.3 GPO-KP2 installer from the updates section of the Native Instruments website (you'll need to be logged in). Run that, then copy the three .nks monolith files from your install CDs to the GPO Library folder the installer creates, then run the 2.2.4 update which is also downloadable from the NI site. You'll need your KP2 serial (not the original one) to activate it. I recommend you use the new service center app on the NI site (v.2.02) to do that.


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