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Topic: Instrument manufacture look up?

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    Instrument manufacture look up?


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    Re: Instrument manufacture look up?

    Surely there must be some horn forums on the internet whose members are knowledgeable and who may be able to help you. Aren't there?

    Google: "French" Horn Forums

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Instrument manufacture look up?

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    lol honestly I'm surprised when searching for horn google doesn't get all snooty and say "Did you mean French Horn"
    possibly because the instrument isn't called a "french horn"?

    sadly I can't help you in your search for information.

    What key is this instrument actually in? What other particularities does it have?

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    Re: Instrument manufacture look up?

    Ask over at http://www.horn-u-copia.net, they have a lot of info on old horns.

    Is it in Eb alto or Eb bass? In Germany there is the Althorn which is shaped like a French Horn but in Eb alto pitch.

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    Re: Instrument manufacture look up?

    Jon, you might try shooting a note off to Jim Williams (snorlax,
    that is)... he might know something about this.



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