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Topic: GPO not showing in NI Service Centre

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    GPO not showing in NI Service Centre

    Following the replacement of my PC's hard discs, I've successfully re-registered all my NI-based samples (including JABB and the Strad solo vln) except for GPO, which doesn't appear in the NI Service Centre, so it currently reports as unregistered.

    GPO says I need to use the registration tool, but the NI website says that's no longer in use and the Service Centre has to be used instead.

    How can I make GPO appear in the NI Service Centre?


    I'm wondering whether just re-installing GPO would make the NI Service Centre aware of it, but I don't know whether that might cause confusion in the WXP Registry. Looking in the Registry, I see that there are already two different long numbers (in different GPO places in the Registry) that look like they might be connected with registration.

    Ought I to try to de-install GPO and then re-install it? (How do you de-install it?)

    Would downloading the latest version of NI Service Centre be guaranteed to cure the problem?

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    Re: GPO not showing in NI Service Centre

    Yeah, try downloading the new version of Service Center first. Get it from the NI website (under support). It should be Version 2.0x. You'll see they've done away with the unwieldy flash interface.

    If that doesn't work, try uninstalling GPO. Use the Add/Remove programs section in the Control Panel.

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    Re: GPO not showing in NI Service Centre

    Thanks, Reegs. Using the NI's latest Service Centre worked.

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