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Topic: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

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    Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    I\'m looking to pick up a bass library today for a project I need to try and get out by Sunday afternoon. I\'m sure I\'d be fine with either Scarbee or Dan Dean.

    Does anyone know of where these would actually be in stock today in the Bay Area?

    If I can\'t get either one, then I\'ll play the bass parts.


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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    yah I thik the only time you\'re gonna get any cool \"bass\" stuff from GC (besides buying a bass) is when the spectrasonics VSTi\'s come out. I\'m not even sure if they\'ll be available through GC,..but they tend to sell VSTis and PLugs and the like.

    I also figured that C&M would have to order otherwise I would have suggested it. Most of those places will ahve to

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    While S.J. G.C. has that nice new shiny cabinet for their sample libs (where I got my Prosonus OC recently), the best bet with them is a computer search: usually they will ship from other stores from as far as NY, IF you can find what you want. Guitar Showcase is a bust, tho I spend time (and leave stuff) in consignments. And what a nice spring day to be out! You see, for the rest of y\'all not in California, here it is sunny, \'bout 70 degrees f, and all the flowers and trees are in bloom. Here in Cali, winter does not visit us, we visit winter when needed. (Just to rub it in. ) Ah spring...what to do...mountaineer or studio, mountaineer or studio......

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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    All youse guys is from the Bay Area??? Well, if you ever get to Monterey on a weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) c\'mon down to the Monterey Beach Hotel (changing it\'s name to the Monterey Beach Resort, I believe.)

    My partner and I play in the lobby from 6:30-10:30, doing R&B, jazz and a little light rock. I have a Hammond A-100, a terrible Samick \'grand\' paino (NOT a typo!) and a cheapo Roland XP-30 synth. He plays drums and sings, and we write sequences, currently from a Roland SC-88, but hopefully sometime this year from a Giga system.

    Love to see some GS guys (especially King, bring your laptop-hee, hee!)

    The hotel is on the beach, just as you reach Monterey (Canyon Del Rey exit, turn right and you CAN\'T miss it.


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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    I got lucky! For $30 there was something moderately usable on this East West CD. At least I\'ll get through the weekend and get my stuff done.

    I think no one can really afford to stock all this stuff. These\'s too much questionable stuff out there. They\'ll never sell it. (Ala that pretty new glass case Andre is so proud of at G.G.S.J., right Donnie?! It\'s full of stuff that\'s never going anywhere...)

    Dasher - I\'ll do that. My kid is going to play in a chess tournament there in a few weeks. We\'ll try and catch you!


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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    Yeah, at one time they had the entire AO set which I did not buy, but merely LOOKED at... Usually when I really want something I will buy at http://www.soundsonline.com/ who send me stuff next day. These days G.C. has stuff of little interest to me (lotsa Big Fish Audio among others) tho I did get a few ProSamples (which are generally very good, at least in the orch instruments). This area is good for hardware, but not for music software. (GC does have a fair collection.)

    Well, for you local boys (and gals if you are lurking), perhaps we can all meet at the next local Film Music Network shindig, if they ever have one any time soon....

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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    hehheh the laptop I can \"jam\" with you guys mwahahahaha

    \"Hey come one over...bring your orchestra...lets jam!\"


    ok I\'m done

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    hmm I dunno

    You probably need to talk to the developer/distributer directly to get this info. I\'m out in Daly City, but can\'t think of any place that would stock these.

    Dan might be able to help directly, or Scarbee, or Nemesys since thats who distributes Scarbee\'s stuff i believe.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    Hi. thanks for the quick feedback. I stopped in a G.C., but no luck there in either San Jose or S.F. - I also tried omputers & Music as I\'ve known Joe West for years, but he says he has to order.

    I guess I could just drop a note to Dan or Scarbee and see if I get a response back soon enough. I did pick up a low cost ($30) Akai bass CD at G.C. while I was there, just to see how bad it is.


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    Re: Saturday - Bay Area - Where to buy

    Hey Mark,

    Now I wish I was in San Fransisco now...
    I live in cold windy Denmark - covered in snow right now. Next year i will go to USA and I hope I can meet some of you guys!

    At the www.tascam.com page there is a special giga-site and there is a page called \"where to buy\" http://www.nemesysmusic.com/wheretobuy/index.html

    Here is what I found for the California area:


    Audiomidi.com Northridge CA (818) 993-0772

    Coast Recording Hollywood CA (323) 462-6058

    Gelb Music Redwood City CA (650) 365-8875

    RSPE North Hollywood CA (818) 509-5876

    Skip\'s Music Sacramento CA (916) 484-7575

    Sound Chaser Music Arcata CA (707) 826-7190

    West L A Music Los Angeles CA (310) 477-54

    Hope it helps!


    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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