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Topic: Database transferring software/Vstis

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    Database transferring software/Vstis

    Whouldn't it be handy if there was some sort of database for when you are transferring all your software to an other computer?
    personally, I'm a little overwhelmed when I look upon this task of setting up my new DAW.

    The database would contain information about.

    which updates before the last one you have to run for software.
    Which plugs, Vstis you have to register again.
    Which plugs and Vstis you just can copy the data and Dll.


    Ruud Jan

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    Re: Database transferring software/Vstis

    In my opinion, you are better off installing all your software on the new machine, fresh. (Install each application and its updates in order in which it was released, from oldest to newest).

    Some installers take into account the hardware and software that is all ready installed on your system, so I would never just overwrite your system drive with a backup from another machine. Or put the old system drive into the new machine. It MIGHT work, but why risk it? You can cause so many more headaches than not starting out fresh.

    As for your data drive (if you have a separate one) that's fine. You can just install the same drive in your new computers or copy it as a disc image. There are lots of applications that do this. For a data drive, you don't really need a disc image though -- just copy all your files.

    If you have a sample drive -- possibly -- it depends on what software you are using. Some will work just fine if you point them to the path for their samples. Others want you to install from scratch, re-register, get a new authorization code. If there is any doubt at all, I'd do a clean install. It will also give you the opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer use or need. And all the tweaks you made to your OS for the old machine might not make sense on the new. (For example, you may be going from single core to dual or quad core, you might have more RAM, and all this may effect the choices you make and the defaults that your apps choose when you install them.)

    As far as DATABASES go, I do develop them professionally. You can contact me directly (via private message through this forum) if you are interested. But, first let me say that, if all you want to do is keep track of which applications you have installed (and the order in which you installed them) I'd advise against it. You can do that just as easily with a spreadsheet or word processor and it will be a lot quicker and cheaper.

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    Re: Database transferring software/Vstis

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