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Topic: New to this...HELP!!

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    New to this...HELP!!

    I've been composing (w/Logic) and using virtual instruments going on my second year now (www.myspace.com/andykotz). I've purchased the Garritan Big Band and Orchestral libraries but don't know how to use or set up my keyboard controller to access and use/perform (in real time) the functions such as "shakes, falloffs, doits, and kisses", most importantly how to get the mod wheel to add "vibrato" instead of always controlling volume...and all the other features while recording. I understand that these functions are accessed through the use of midi control. My question is...how do I assign these control commands to my keyboard controller? I'm using an M-Audio Oxygen 61 keyboard controller. I know that this is a question equally (or more suited) to be asked in M-Audio's forum, and I've done so but I'm hoping I find someone with the same equipment here or with the knowledge to assist me. I'm sure it's something fairly easy and I'll probably be mad at myself for not realizing it earlier...but, I'm so frustrated!!!

    Many thanks in advance!! -- Andy

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    Re: New to this...HELP!!

    All these effects are accessed by using control changes, these are listed in the manuals. I can't tell you which are which because they vary but aftertouch is usually vibrato depth, cc64 is sustain etc.

    you need to assign the sliders on your keyboard to the required effect. I believe you have nine sliders, this will enable you to control 9 effects at a go.

    You obviously can't play with both hands, Gary recommends playing with right hand and using the sliders with the left but its up to you.

    Set the mod wheel to aftertouch, often this is also CC131.

    I have an Edirol keyboard and there is a routine for setting up the sliders and knobs to any midi signal (CC, SYSEX etc). I am sure that the Oxygen can do this. The sliders have no use if you can't set them up.

    So, choose the effects you want, decide which slider should operate which control, set up the keyboard sliders to the relevant control change, then play

    You can also draw the effects into the sounds midi track after recording as midi, not as sound though.

    Mod wheel default in JABB and GPO is often volume, whilst the velocity become attack or aggressiveness

    If you're still stuck, let us know here I'm sure we can help
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    Re: New to this...HELP!!

    Thanks for the quick response...

    I realize all of the things you suggested. My problem is...when I follow the instructions in the M-Audio Oxygen manual for assigning control sliders (and knobs), I'm getting nothing.
    It's really frustrating. I know there's probably a step missing (or so it seems) in the manual's instructions...but I'm unable to circumvent this. Thanks for the help though...
    My hope is that someone on here also uses Garritan V.I.'s, an M-Audio Oxygen 61 and Logic! Fat chance, huh? --Andy

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    Re: New to this...HELP!!

    I figured it out guys...and again thanks for the quick responses.

    It was as I suspected, very easy. Once I was able to determine what I was doing wrong. In this instance it was the fact that I can't read!!
    I knew after countless attempts to figure it out, that either I would stumble upon the answer or someone would point out how "stoopid I really iz" Unfortunately...I figured out how stupid I really is...

    Again, thanks for the help!! --Andy

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