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Topic: Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic

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    Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic

    Hi all,

    I apologize if this is out there somewhere but I have been patiently looking for months and haven't found the exact answer I am looking for. Hopefully you all can help me out.

    I run my DAW (logic studio 8) on a MacBookPro. I have a perfectly running Gigastudio3 machine that I want to make slave to this Logic DAW. I have read things about Midioverlan and iMidi and a few others like FX etc. However, none of them seem to be doing what I need or I am missing the fact that they do (or they don't support OS X <-> Windows).

    I also own Vienna Instruments and it comes with "Vienna Ensemble 3" which allows me to install a service on both machines, allowing my Windows PC (which is 10 times as powerful as my MAC) do all the processing of the samples, reverb etc. It then sends the AUDIO back over the lan without any jitter or loss of data etc and latency. I love it and so I am looking for some way to do this with my Giga setup since I own so many libraries which are GIGA only. I want to be able to send out Midi commands (that I have recorded from live playback) from Logic to the Gigastudio Windows PC, then have it send me back all the processed data (because my Lavry DAC's are all hooked up to my RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface2 on my MAC). So I want the actual Midi commands sent from Logic to trigger Giga to play it back through the samples I have loaded in Giga3, then send back the information to Logic and out my DAC's. I hope that makes sense. Midioverlan seems to only send midi information which then I would have to have my DAC's local to the GIGA machine, not my LOGIC machine and I don't want that because I am using other samplers on my Logic DAW.

    I have a Hammerfall DSP Multiface2 on my MacBookPro and an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 on my Giga machine.

    I am hoping someone can tell me how to link the two the best way. If worst came to worst, I am willing to cut a whole in the wall (professionally) and run either midi cables or whatever it takes between the two soundcards to make this happen. I just need to know what is the best way to accomplish this.



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    Re: Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic

    I think your best best with your current interfaces is to run SPDIF audio cables between the computers, then use MIDIOverLAN for the MIDI data.

    You won't really find a good solution to get audio from a slave PC running GS3 back to the DAW over the network. You'll need audio cables.
    Will Loconto

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    Re: Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic


    Thanks for the response. I will definitely give this a go then. I was thinking that someone was going to say this. Last night I was talking aloud to myself about where I was going to cut the hole. I also pondered about how much information I was going to get over that SPDIF Coax cable. My entire orchestrations get sent out the SPDIF Coax of my RME Multiface2 to my Lavry DAC so I would assume that even if I had 20-40 instrument patches playing on my Giga3 machine it should have no problems converting all of it to audio and sending all the information to my Logic machine through its Coax SPDIF (since I know it can send all that information out that same port to a DAC just fine). Am I right in assuming that or am I going to hit a threshold of how much information I can send back to my Logic machine over this one SPDIF Coax?



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    Re: Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic

    Unfortunately the threshold will be sending back one stereo pair since that's all SPDIF will do. You can run as many instruments as the computer can handle, but it will all come out of a single stereo SPDIF output.

    Unless you'll bounce everything down to audio individually or in stem mixes, you'll have to settle for whatever mix you have coming back in stereo from the Gigastudio PC.
    Will Loconto

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    Re: Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic

    Thank you so much for the help on this. I am drilling the holes this weekend and having some professional tubes and plates put in so it looks very clean and neat. I will then run my Network cable and my audio cables through it and see how it all works. May take me a few days to respond back with results or more questions.


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    Re: Logic Studio 8 to Gigastudio PC and back to Logic

    If you were to replace the Audiophile with a card capable of ADAT Lightpipe, like another RME interface, you could get 4 stereo audio channels over one fiber optic cable.

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