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Topic: Dynamics and volume

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    Dynamics and volume

    I use Noteworthy Composer for my music, but when I try to orchestrate, I can't work the dynamics accurately. I know I'm supposed to use the mod wheel, but the volume control on Kontakt Player 2 gets in the way of a good sound.

    This problem arises because, for the most part, using the actual dynamics in NWC don't have any effect on the sound except for certain Notation instruments (mostly N-[percussion]).

    I've tried working the mod wheel, but the volume, when using Notation instruments as has been recommended, is automatically -0.0 dB. This is, of course, loud and ruins the dynamic. I can work controllers and change the volume (going from 0 to 127, with 127 being -0.0 dB), but I have nothing to go off of.

    What do I set the volume to in order to have sensible dynamics that don't either become obnoxiously loud or inaudibly soft?

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    Re: Dynamics and volume

    Hi CoolZidane,

    Try setting the modwheel in the KP2 interface to 100 for starters. To get an idea of where the volume fader should be for each instrument, check out the included Multis patches that match or are close to the instrumentation you're writing for. As these have been balanced dynamically, you can copy their settings to your notation setup. Alternatively you could load a multi as a starting point for a template. They are also pre-panned, which also should help give you the dynamic clarity you want.


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    Re: Dynamics and volume

    Unfortunately, all of the instruments are set far too soft on the volume fader.

    What I'm trying to find out is if there is any sort of guide for what dynamic goes with which numerical value (from 0 to 127, what would forte be, for example).

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