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Topic: Kontact Player Gold

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    Kontact Player Gold


    I'm using Kontact Player Gold which came with my Sibelius 3. I'm now operating on Sibelius 3.1. windows pc 2.4 quad processor and 2G RAM. I have my PC hooked up to an LCD monitor via HDMI. when I plug my headphones into the jack in the front of the PC I hear all the sounds of the pc, and if I set playback to use microsoft GS wavetable synth, it plays though my headphones, but if I use Kontact palyer gold it will only play through the LCD monitor.
    I've changed the settings in Kontact player audio setup, and Kontact player finds the headphones but it will not playback through these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Sorry if this sounds lame.


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    Re: Kontact Player Gold

    Hi Gavin,

    Welcome to Northernsounds.

    That's really a strange problem!

    Can you give us the brand and model of your computer, as well as the LCD monitor?
    Did the HDMI cable and connector ship with the computer, or have you added it in?
    Are you using the on-board sound, or have you purchased another sound card?
    Are you on XP? Vista? Home version? Professional version?


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    Smile Re: Kontact Player Gold

    Hi Reegs,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I've managed to sort it out, after about 4 hours! It was a problem with my Vista sound settings. It seems the HDMI was overriding my headphone jack automatically for kontact player, why I don't know, but I disabled HDMI in my sound settings and it started to work fine through the headphone jack.
    Then I had a real problem trying to enable it again because I didn't have "show disabled sound sources" ticked. I right clicked on the existing sound sources by accident and there was the "show disabled sound source" setting.
    I'm all good now, so thanks a lot, its nice to know there are people out there who can help.


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