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Topic: GPO/Finale 2009 incompatibility?

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    GPO/Finale 2009 incompatibility?

    The just-announced "coming attractions" page for Finale 2009 says that it incorporates the Aria player, along with a bunch of GPO sounds.

    I have several Garritan products, all of which use KP2. If I upgrade to Finale 2009, will those stop working? Or will I still be able to load KP2 under Finale 2009?

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    Re: GPO/Finale 2009 incompatibility?

    That's an good question, Andrew. Maybe you should ask it over on the Finale Forums. However, since they are also advertising 100 Tapspace sounds are included, and Tapspace uses KP2, I would think your other Garritan sounds would be safe. But, that's just my guess and I could be wrong.
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    Re: GPO/Finale 2009 incompatibility?

    I think I answered my own question: Finale 2009 supports any VST host, so it should be able to load KP2 directly.

    Plus now I can use my Arturia Minimoog, etc.

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