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Topic: Again?!

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    I open me mail this marnin and low and behold another finale offer to reserve a copy of finale 9. NINE? Why, it wasn't more than what seems to be a couple of months ago an offer came in for finale 8!
    Wait a minute ... I have a thought (lookout!) maybe they had forgotten something in vrs 7 so they put it in and called it 8 then again forgot something in 8 and now call it 9! Number 9 ... number 9 ... number 9.
    Be whatever it may be (and I'm only jokingsk) This time I am updating. I want to reserve 11 instead of 9. That way I'll beat them at there own game.

    Say it again, Paul!

    Number 9 ... number 9 ... number 9. Number 9 ... number 9 ... number 9. Number 9 ... number 9 ... number 9. Number 9 ... number 9 ... number 9.

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    Re: Again?!

    I bought Finale's first version ages ago. Every year they make a few insignificant changes just so they can release another version, fill mailboxes with lots of upgrade notices, and charge some ridiculous upgrade fee to try to pull more money out of customers. There is no end in sight. They could just finish it, but then they can't keep sponging off the same people until he end of time. If I had upgraded every year, I'd probably have paid $3000 to $4000 by now for what's like a $545 application. That's criminal (as is the software industry in general). When I got music notation and midi capabilities in my DAW software, I no longer needed Finale. I've grown to hate that company, especially after their lies about later versions being easier to use and color notation and such, none of which were true, nor did they honor the $75 upgrade certificate I got when I bought the first version.

    BTW, IIRC there are a lot more versions than 9. I think they either used to call it Finale 95 or something like that based on the year, or maybe they reset the version number. Photoshop has done the same thing. They're currently on version 3 which was where they were at when Win95 came out 13 years ago.

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