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Topic: sample brass libraries

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    sample brass libraries

    It's been a while......hi there

    I realize that this topic has probably been covered in other posts- one started in April, but I had a few specific questions. I would like to complete my library by getting a brass sample library-specifically for pop and jazz...... i have tried QLB and like their sound, but I on the East West site it doesn't look like they sell the Giga or kontakt version anymore. that being said, is there anybody who has the Chris Hein libraries or one that they would favor over the QLB



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    Re: sample brass libraries

    Whatever you decide on getting, be sure to check out samplemodeling's The Trumpet. Seems like that could add a lot when added to any brass section, especially for pop and jazz.

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    Re: sample brass libraries

    I have both libraries... Chris Hein+QLB and well there is a vast difference... and its all a matter of how deep you want to go in to programming... CHB is very superior to QLB and you have far more articulations....

    if you're more a "out the box" guy, then i would go for QLB brass for a quick and basic pre-production... CHB takes it to the next level.... with Key switches massive libraries and especialy with CHB vol.2 coming up that's going to be the banger....

    sorry this post is so late... but ah well, we'Re all just human...

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    Re: sample brass libraries

    WarpIV has the screaming trumpet, jazz trombone, and contemporary sax libs you might also want to check out. Multiformat stuff. They're kind of hidden on the website, under music production.

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