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Topic: Dropouts in Kontakt 2

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    Dropouts in Kontakt 2

    Hi everyone. I'm running Kontakt in Digital Performer 5.13, and ran into a little weirdness yesterday. I'm getting lots of intermittent dropouts on sustained notes, despite having a pretty low instrument and note load (3 instances of K2 with under 300 MB total memory used). I'm getting random spikes in the disk streaming meter (jumping from near 0-load to peaking), which leads me to believe that it's something going on in there. This problem only started happening yesterday, it's been running fine working significantly harder for a year or more, and nothing's changed on the computer, no new software or anything.

    I've tried tweaking the settings to push the samples more into RAM, defragged the drives, repaired disk permissions, verified the disks, and it seems to still be there...intermittently. Any ideas?

    I'm doing this all on a Quad 2.66 Mac Pro with 4 Gigs of RAM, running 10.4.11.



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    Re: Dropouts in Kontakt 2

    You don't mention how many disks you have and what they contain. It could be another program/service hogging the sample disk - especially if it is the same as the OS disk.

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