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Topic: Problem about Kontakt Player 2, please help

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    Problem about Kontakt Player 2, please help


    The setups :
    I loaded all 64 instruments from GPO and JABB to KP2 (the one that came with Garritan's library CD's). This used up all 4 midi ports (16 channels each) of KP2. Then, I routed midi tracks from my sequencer to the KP2 via four MIDI-YOKE (version 1.75) junctions (my sequencer supports multiple midi-out ports). The song that I played with sequencer, however, contains only 10 tracks.

    Then, I tried playing the song in two different ways :

    1) All the 10 tracks are routed to 10 different channels of the "same" midi-out port. This way, 10 Garritan's instruments played perfectly.

    2) The 10 tracks are routed to 10 different channels that are distributed across the 4 midi-out ports (e.g. 3 channels each for port 1 and 2, 2 channels each for port 3 and 4). This way caused the problem. There are frequent "stuck notes" (midi message missed or lost) all along.

    Well, in practice, option 2 is necessary for me whenever I need to use more than 16 instruments simultaneously. Any suggestion on how I may handle this problem ?



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    Additional information

    An additional test I made :

    I tested both ways of setting again, but with a VST-Host hosting 10 sfz's (a soundfont player) instead of the KP2+GPO+JABB. The problem of option 2 didn't exist with this setup.


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    Re: Problem about Kontakt Player 2, please help

    OK I found out how to solve the problem myself, finally. So I'll answer my own question just in case some new user encounters this same problem later.

    The problem is related to the setting of "multiprocessor support". My problem is gone either with unsetting this feature, or set the affinity of the KP2 process to adhere to a CPU.

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