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Topic: Several Sample Library forums?

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    Several Sample Library forums?


    I wonder if it was an idea with different sample library forums, like \"Orchestral Libraries\" and \"non-orchestral libraries\"?

    So that it is easier to find what you are looking for, without having to go through several pages to find a thread about guitar libraries, pop brass, drums - or bass...

    As it is now the Giga platform is mainly a Orchestral/film-composer platform, but in order for this great format to survive it is important that we also appeal to the \"rhythmic scene\" as it is a far larger group worldwide. And this way it might be easier to attract new users.

    What do you think?



    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    scarbee you keep making kick *** libraries and they will come

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    Thanks KingIdiot,

    I take this forum very serious and so are the other developers. But in a sense, this forum could also dis-courage one to continue making non-orchestral libraries as it seems that a great majority of the posters are mostly into orch. stuff.

    I sometimes consider to sample classical instruments in the future, but in a way it would be a pity, since there are som many great developers out there doing this already.

    I hate the thought that the giga-platform perhaps isn\'t \"my format\" - meaning a format for rock, jazz, funk. r&b, etc.


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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SCARBEE:
    - meaning a format for rock, jazz, funk. r&b, etc.

    That\'s me as well, but I really don\'t think Giga is about that. I only keep up to date on Giga technology because I want to try my hand at orchestral scoring when the right project(s) come along.

    -david abraham

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    I wouldn\'t mind having the sample library forum split up into genres...it would make getting around a bit easier.

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    I like having eveything in one place.

    Worry when your topic scrolls off the page in under a couple of days - that\'s when something has to change.

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    Hi Scarbee,

    You are 100% correct about THIS forum. Lot\'s of high end guys here doing commercials, scores, etc. Not really the place to sell some kick *** bass libraries is it. (Or your new rock guitar library coming out soon..right??) I posted a message asking for some replies on Nick\'s strat here, and it looks like only 1 or 2 guys here purchased it. Weird.. Looks like the official Tascam site gets more of the rookie crowd, and the general midi dude just starting out who wants to put together some jams. Your efforts in forum support would probably be more worth while over there. But man, is their board a mess. They REALLY need to add some more forum categories over there. I think it\'s fairly obvious what gets composers exicted on THIS site; strings, brass and vocal libraries. I\'ll bet you Scarbee BRass would turn a few heads here. )

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    Considering that computer based software samplers are making hardware samplers more obsolete everyday, not only for classical music, but for all other music styles as well, it makes sense to me that all musicians who are into computers and music would be extremely interested in this particular newsgroup forum. I would suggest that we all take the opportunity to invite people from other newsgroup forums to visit www.northernsounds.com

    It is my routine to visit several different newsgroup forums everyday. If anyone from this group would start a new thread on any other newsgroup forum, in order to invite people over to Northern Sounds, I will gladly chime in on that thread and extend the invitation as well. It would be much more appropriate for someone who is not a sound developer, such as Scarbee or myself, to start new threads on these other newsgroups, in order to extend the invitation to Northern Sounds. I very much encourage all of you to invite people from other newsgroup forums and notify Scarbee and myself by email, so that we may jump in on that thread on the other newsgroup forum, in order to further extend the invitation to www.northernsounds.com

    There are many classical musicians, in addition to rock, jazz, etc., who frequent many other newsgroup forums and are not familiar with Northern Sounds. Many of these musicians are using Giga, HALion, EXS24, etc., but have no idea as to what a wonderful source of information that we have on this forum.

    Some other newsgroup forums to check out and extend invitations to visit Northern Sounds, are...

    the Keyboard Forum at www.musicplayer.com
    the VST Instruments forum at www.steinberg.net
    the Sonar newsgroup forum at www.cakewalk.com www.recording.org www.prorec.com
    Forums at http://www.sospubs.co.uk/

    I am sure that Scarbee plus many of you could add to this list of other newsgroup forums as well, in order to extend even more invitations.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    Scarbee, what will end up hapenning is that the other forums would jsut end up empty or not used \"correctly\". Most would hang out in a forum section like this. In fact it may be worse since people would ask in these forums, and may go unnoticed since its not the main focus of some people who are actually knoledgable with the gigaplatform.

    There are many Orchestral buffs here, yes. that is not to say that questions from people for other genres would go unoticed or worse unanswered.

    You dont have the \"wrong\" platform if you can do the best you can with what you do. Other platforms have a userbase that is more in the \"electronic\" realm, with Kontakt looking to make a splash in that area as well. Giga is still the one people consider best for \"acoustic instruments\". Whether it is or not can be debated, but when you speak to people who may not even know much about software sampling this is the general (mis?)conception.

    anywho....blah blah blah....dont stress about it. Maybe you should do some posts about different styles of music and bands and such. Start up discusions on other types of libraries.

    Also ALL DEVELOPERS must keep in mind that we here that actually do post often are a small minority of the actual users and gigaMusicians. If you guys put out stuff that is usable there is no doubt that we will want it or buy it. I couldn\'t believe the whole \"sax isn\'t that desirable\" stuff that was going on a few months ago about why no one is doing a sax library. If tahts so then why the hell do I have 5 different brass libraries and even rented a sax to fool around with my own samples? Where the hell is a Good Shakuhatchi sample? Why was Munsie always asking about Guitar Samples, and still go unfulfilled? What about constant drum library talking going on? Stop focusing on the so called hype and controversy we all put out for orchestral libraries and realise that we are a small group of people that too many people focus on. Stop ignoring the fact that there are discusions that, while not 100 post discussions, are important.

    also dont forget I\'m a moron and to laugh when I go on stupid diatribes like this!

    Really...I am an Idiot

    [This message has been edited by KingIdiot (edited 03-01-2002).]

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    Re: Several Sample Library forums?

    >Why was Munsie always asking about Guitar Samples, and still go unfulfilled?

    Hi King!

    I\'ve been busy \"working\" instead of making music. Man, I forgot my wife and kids have to eat. Anyway, while the sampled guitar libraries sound better than ever, they obviously lack in realism. BUT my problems may be over! I just made contact with a kick *** 17 year old guitar player, actually he heard me jamming on my acoustic drum kit and wanted to \"join my band\". LOL! To make a long story short, he\'s going to do some tracks for me. That should be enough to allow me to \"finish\" my songs. If it\'s even possible to \"finish\" them.

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