Seems to me this keyswitch thing is more complicated than it should be (and please don't suggest upgrades as the money isn't in the family budget )

Anyway - following various bits and pieces of advice garnered from the manual and this forum, I've created a score, set up things the way I think they were supposed to be set up, then played back the test. The strings picked up the first keyswitch (arco to pizz.) then...nothing. No return to arco, fp and trems didn't play, and a couple hours of fiddling around (sorry) didn't fix things.

I'm using Finale 2007, full GPO, and staying inside the Finale sandbox by using the K2 player. The string quartet is comprised of 9. Notation - KS voicing. (Other voicing, a couple organ voices and the oboe, are not Notation/KS. Should they be?)

Do I need to import or create a different HP preferences file?

Mac dual 1.42 ghz G4
OSX 10.5.1 (Leopard)
2GB ram
4GB free disk space (can I specify a different scratch disk?)

Looooong-time Finale user (since 2.9.3) but relatively new to GPO.