I'm working with Finale 2008, Kontakt 2 plug-in with the Garritan instruments that came in the bundle.

I'm trying to get a portamento. When an instrument comes with a portamento dial, I'm assuming I should turn that up. But I'm not getting results. Do I need to turn up the length dial? Do I need to drag scripts from AUTO > HOST AUTOMATION?

Do I need to send CC#s with the MIDI tool in Finale? If so, I've got conflicting info about which controllers. I've applied other controllers with the MIDI tool; sustain pedal works just fine; but I can't get a portamento no-how, no-way. I've tried the "standard" (5, 37, 65) as well as 84 and the two different controllers named in the Finale help file (18 and 20 both with 68).

Any thoughts will be gratefully accepted. I feel like there's some really dumb little thing I'm not considering: the area I'm selecting? the number I'm setting the controller to?

Many thanks,