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Topic: Drumkit from Hell Articulation files

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    Drumkit from Hell Articulation files

    Hello hello,
    check out my drumkit from hell articulation files page (that\'s a whole mouth full!)
    You can find my articulation files on it! I have the wave version. Let me know if you want to submit your articulation files, if you have tips, or have updated my version, or whatever!

    (yeah i know i have pretty \'extreme\' colors now and then (they\'re random), but i like it )

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    Re: Drumkit from Hell Articulation files

    Hmm.. do you have the drums in Giga format? How are they? Are they good for rock, similar to Godsmack, Fuel, etc? TELL ME MORE!!!!

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    Re: Drumkit from Hell Articulation files

    With these files you can make a giga version out of the wave version without much trouble (10 minutes time i would guess). It\'s not entirely finished, but it will be.
    For demo\'s, check out a thing I lately made for a friend: a drumsolo or of course the official homepage. I like it a lot.

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