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Topic: midi controller size.

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    midi controller size.

    Would a 61 key controller be too short for orchestral work?

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    Re: midi controller size.

    I use a 49 key with no problem. Most (like mine....M-Audio Keystation 49e) have an octave key so any range can be covered. Hope that helps!!!
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    Re: midi controller size.

    If financially possible, though, consider a full length keyboard. At times, depending on the instrumental sound, even having the full 88 keys is not enough if one wishes to take advantage of the keyswitching during re-time sequencing. Although it may not be everybody's first choice for keyboard-controller, I'm quite happy using M-Audio's Keystation Pro 88 for sequencing projects. I think the Keystation Pro 88 goes for around $400.00 bucks, which is relatively inexpensive when compared to other synthesizers or workstation keyboards. Just a thought. . .

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    Re: midi controller size.

    Yes! You MUST have an 88 key for serious Orchestral work.I use the M-Audio Keystation pro 88, it's superb at $399.
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