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Topic: The Hero Returns!

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    The Hero Returns!

    Here's something new from me!

    The Hero Returns
    by Chris Hurn
    5:52, mp3


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    Re: The Hero Returns!


    The opening horns are really attention-getting. Lovely
    lines too.

    The harmonic flow is well structured and the rendering is
    really first class. A very enjoyable listen and great use
    of your sample libraries.

    I had just one thought........When the piece opens, I had
    in mind it might get a little more attention if the volume was
    ramped up from more "silence" than you started with. Just
    somewhat softer.

    Another impression I had: This piece gets BETTER as it moves
    along. Really great writing, Chris.........and a GREAT ENDING.

    BRAVO, Chris

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    Re: The Hero Returns!

    Hey Chris,

    Great work! Captures one's attention and never lets go.
    Your brass construction is wonderful especially the suspensions.
    Also, great themes and orchestration.

    What libraries, especial vocal, are you using?
    Enjoyed this, more cinematic work,; but would like to hear something more academic in nature from you. You have a great talent!

    Very impressive in it's sombre light.

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    Re: The Hero Returns!


    Tremendous stuff! VERY melodically sound with a great cinematic touch. Just gorgeous horn writing -- very reminiscent of Alan Silvestri's score for Beowulf not too long ago. Excellent job on this. Congratulations!


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    Re: The Hero Returns!


    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Re: The Hero Returns!


    This piece is very somber at the beginning and as has been said, sounds very cinematic.

    I guess what I hear is that as the hero returns home, he was comtemplating all of the horrors he was witness to.

    The piece never seems to wander far from the sadness and despair feelings and yet is dynamic enough to keep the interest in the piece alive.

    Well done

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    Re: The Hero Returns!

    Bravo, Chris!

    A superb job on this... the pacing, the development of it,
    the carefully built control of it from somber beginnings to
    its powerful climaxes. This is a sure hand at the pen,
    coupled to the crucial ingredient of having something not
    only worthwhile but quite moving to say.

    This is one of those pieces that ends, but then stays
    with you for hours afterward...

    All my best,


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