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Topic: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    Sorry if this is a repeat but I went through 10 pages of posts and never found a thread of this type. I’ve had GS160 for a couple months now and am ready to start building my collection. My use will vary greatly so it is hard to say what my primary use for GS will be. Is anyone, or several people interested in posting their view of a starter collection of samples for GS, and maybe what they consider the must have titles. To make the thread informative to many new users like me it could be broken into budget and professional level collections. My interest is piano, drums, base, strings, horns, vocals and guitars. Did I leave anything out? So far I have not seen a good rounded collection of instruments and vocals in one package.

    Oh, I realize opinions may vary, and I am counting on it.


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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.


    This is only my personal view, but i would suggest not looking for a single sample set that covers all the sections you need..

    I have found that cheaper sampler cd\'s that cover more than one section of sounds dont SEEM to have great quality.

    Even though the seperate cd\'s ie...strings....brass....synth...etc cost much more. They are worth the extra you may pay, as the sound quality is normally exellent.

    You may want to start off buying a cd set that covers an area you use the most. Then upgrading your collection as you get a bit more spare cash. Good quality samples never really go out of use...they dont really age in time..

    This may not be an answer more of a train of thought......


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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    I have an XV-5080 so I am not really interrested in the GM set for GS. That is why I would like an idea of what different people use when they start branching out with specialized collections, both budget and professional level. My first goal is to make a basic trio of piano, drums and bass. I have Real Giga Drums but am not happy with some of the programming. Especially what seems to be weak bass drums on some sets. I also have some analog CD\'s such as the Monster Matrix to give me some much needed pads. Next is a good piano and I am leaning towards the BA-B. After that, a bass collection. Something with fingered, picked and slap variations. Vocal sounds will follow because that is something I don\'t have much of on my Roland. Then maybe electric guitar. Since I started as a drummer I plan to follow with a good percussion set. Something better than the World ROM on my Proteus 2K. I like it, but when you are a drummer at heart you never have enough drums and percussion. Drums and piano are the two instruments I expect to purchase multiple libraries for. From that point I will add specialize instruments as I need them.

    I own the Roland L-CDX-03 and 04 sets which are Brass, woodwinds, strings and orchestral percussion but do not yet have a translater to import them into GS. I also have Bob Clearmountain Drums which seems to be a major headach to import, and a few E-mu CD\'s from my ESI-32.

    So mostly, what makes a good collection for either budget minded or pro-level sets. I did not really mean I am looking for a complete collection of instruments in one set, but that there seems to be an absence. I have my complete collection within the XP-5080 and with my SonicSynth.


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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.


    it sounds like you are trying to do something quite similar to my work-in-progress \'live performance\' rig.

    Forget the GM set even if you wanted it-it\'s only got a couple of instruments that are notably better than a stock Sound Canvas.

    Are you trying to get a maximal 160-note polyphony? If so, be aware there are some memory/hard disk speed/processor speed issues you may run into. The better libraries are memory-intensive. If you plan to record one primary instrument at a time (strings with 6 MIDI channels to get the articulations right recorded to stereo track, followed by the trumpets as a separate recording pass,) as opposed to \'all-at-once\', get what you like best. But you will probably need \'orchestra-light\' libraries for full-sounding live performance.

    Scarbee Basses for pop/funk/maybe rock. Your favorite piano. If you want clav, Boris\'s clav from BiggaGiggas is very authentic (and quite reasonable.)

    Guitars are a big contraversy at the moment, partially because there are so many generic stylistic tonalities. 30\'s style acoustic guitar, Bardstown does a great job. Contemporary jazz guitar, nobody, in my opinion (sorry, Kip, I love the sound of your guitars for classic jazz, but Pat Metheney or Charlie Hunter it ain\'t!) Rock guitars, if you have outboard effects (or perhaps GS 160 will work, I can\'t run it on my current box so I\'m missing the crucial effects processors in GS 96) QL 56 Strat is a great guitar, but as it comes, it\'s a really good version of the guitar, recorded essentially straight, no processing. I\'m working with the Digitalcomplete Strat, a real bargain) and the Sonic Implants libraries because the sound is built in, just add reverb, and they work fairly well for me.

    Apparently there are NO good trumpets and saxes for pop or big band, but the better libraries can be treaked to do a reasonable job. Most of the good libraries are orchestral in nature at present, and do a great job for that kind of material, but not so much in the pop vein. I\'m hoping B.O.B. (due soon, Worra?) will help with this.

    For a general orchestra library, the Prosonus Orchestral Collection, reworked recently by Donnie Christian is at Big Fish. $299 list, excellent for a startup.

    All these are STRICTLY personal opinion. Listen carefully to the demos before you buy, you can\'t return or resell them (licensing/copyright restrictions.)

    If you find something you especially like, tell us. We value opinions on all the products, because it\'s all we have to go on.


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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    Actually for composing I prefer to use the Roland. It is much easier to put a song down when you are not fishing for sounds. Then I would start farming out patches, some to Giga and record them one at a time. That is why I am interresting in slowly building a collection. Piano is top priority because I don\'t think anything comes close to a Giga pianos. The other instruments I mentioned seem to work much better on Giga than hardware. For electric and electronic instruments I will stick to other means. Here is what I am comming up with for ideas. I plan to spend maybe $2000 over the next 8 months to build the collection. On my budget, every purchase must count.

    My dream $2000 collection. A work in progress. Suggestions are welcome.

    Piano – Bardstown Audio Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano - $200
    Bass – Dan Dean Giga Bass Collection - $110
    Drums – Real Giga Drums - $200
    Percussion – Sonic Implants Afro-Cuban Percussion - $100
    Orchestra Strings – Prosonus Orchestra - $300
    Horns – ?????
    Vocal – Symphony of Voices - $500 (Uggg. Not Giga native)
    Acoustic Guitar - ?????


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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    If you\'re after multiple piano libraries, have a close look at the Malmsjo; it is astonishingly beautiful, and at only $100 it could be the best value out there for the money (I\'d also put Dan Dean\'s solo strings into that category).

    Most expensive isn\'t always best (look at the thread about the Miroslav - who in this world would buy that library today when there are superior offers for a fraction of the price?)

    Check out the Malmsjo.

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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    For Electric guitars,please check out Giga Clean Electric Guitars, a 4 cd Electric guitar library with a 58 Strat, 59 Les Paul Costum and a godin Artisan, all guitars chromatically sampled in 3 velocities, with mutes in 3 velocities 3 zones keyswitchable lown neck, mid neck, high neck with slides and hammer-ons each guitar weighs in a t approx 500 megs, check the demos out at www.vintaudio.com they tell the tale


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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    there is the connextent GM 500 Bank.

    I agree with riggs that you wont get the best soudns trying to find an all in one library.

    In fact if you were looking for a bunch of sounds, I would suggest a sound module over Giga adn a single library anyday.

    However when you start focusing on particular instruments and sounds ... ..

    Giga all the way

    but that doesn\'t help you....or maybe it does. A good sound Module with alot of sounds only runs about 500...

    However if you have a sound module and ar looking for better instruments... then let us know your budget and we\'ll see what we can do

    Also try and give some sort of focus on instruments. As\'s been stated all in ones aren\'t really the best.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    For bass libraries please check out www.scarbee.com.

    The Scarbee J-Fingered cost $199.00 and Scarbee J-Slap $149.00.

    Good luck


    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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