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Topic: Le Canari

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    Le Canari

    This Strad seems to be a lean and mean harmonics machine
    Found this little gem from Poliakin in one of my music books, i'm studying this allready on my real violin. Anyway, here's the link:

    All done in Sonar and a mouse
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    Re: Le Canari

    Wow! This is really a virtuoso piece, a real show stopper. You are really getting some great sounds out of the Strad. Could you share any more of your technique, i.e. how you go about doing this is Sonar? Do you enter the notes one by one with your mouse?
    However you go about it, you are certainly achieving great results! Thanks for sharing another piece, John

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    Re: Le Canari

    I'm in 100% agreement with bigears! This is definitely one of the most outstanding Strad pieces I've heard here in the forum! Whatever techniques you used to achieve the results... well, the results are awesome!


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    Re: Le Canari

    Thanks for your kind words, John & Danny

    Indeed, the notes for this piece are entered with my mouse, I do have a little 25 keys midicontroller board but I can't play piano
    When the notation is done than I draw all the tempo changes, shorten all notes (10 %) except the notes for glissandi.
    The cc-controllers 7, 11 are assigned to my modwheel and recorded to separate tracks (one by one).
    Anyway here's the midifile (sounds pretty awfull without the Kontakt player......) the low notes you sometimes hear are the ones to steer the Strad (tremolo, harmonics etc.)
    = Bluegrass, Irish, Old-Time, Texas-Style =
    -> http://www.bluegrassmidisound.eu <-

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    Re: Le Canari

    You are really getting some great sounds out of the strad!

    Well done

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    Re: Le Canari

    This is a winner!!! I know this piece and you made it come alive again. What a achievement. Congratulations!!!


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    Re: Le Canari

    This is very cute. I don't believe that I've heard that strad quite like this. Great job !
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Le Canari

    Very well done.

    For just using a mouse, you have made some very
    entertaining and professional-sounding music.


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    Re: Le Canari

    I was looking forward to having a listen to this; but
    the link leads to a page reporting "This page is parked
    free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com"...

    Perhaps the link might be re-established?


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Le Canari


    Here's the new link: http://www.hangoutstorage.com/fiddle...7131272008.mp3

    cheers: Pete
    = Bluegrass, Irish, Old-Time, Texas-Style =
    -> http://www.bluegrassmidisound.eu <-

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