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Topic: VSTi's w/ GS4

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    VSTi's w/ GS4

    Who has a few VSTi's working w/ GS4.

    I could use a little help. MTron has no sound but appears to load and recieve MIDI.

    Chris Hein Horms & Guitar load great, MIDI's happening. But it is like the trouble I had w/ Forte. The latency is unacceptable.

    I have about 6 weeks to decide if I am going to use Bidule as a host for GVI's and VSTi's, or get these things straightened out.

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Re: VSTi's w/ GS4

    I wanted to use Sampletank, Philharmonik and EZDrummer but EZDrummer didn't work so I gave up. Not to mention the single out limitation within GS4. I bought Bidule and, so far, i love it! You being Scope user (I used to be) will find it very intuitive.

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    Re: VSTi's w/ GS4

    I used Bidule live for a year and plan on using it again for VSTl's and GVI's if I don't get GS4 working the way I want it to.

    I know the boys at Tascam will come through with many fixes for us, but since I make a living performing, I have 6 weeks to make my choice.

    Besides I can create all of the gsp's the way I like them in GS4 and uise GVI for playback.

    I just have to use all of the content I need in a single load, thankfully we have options.

    When Bidule becomes better optimised for Quad's like the Nehalem due out by Christmas, they will surely be a very attractive option.

    One thing I have noticed though, Tascam really did a great job of using two cores, one for GS4 and it's kernel level MIDI, and the second core for VSTi's.

    I only saw 2% of DSP power being used and had CHHorns, and MTron loaded. That's very impressive. Although there were only 4 full files, CHH, and 3 of the MTron, but that is great in terms of leftover power for more powerful instruments.

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    Re: VSTi's w/ GS4

    It seems the pattern here is that it has problems using VSTs that import their own sample format.

    I would guess also there would be a lot more latency added.

    I know when I first installed GS4 it would crash when it came to the Kontakt VSTs.

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    Re: VSTi's w/ GS4

    I found the problem thankfully.

    Human error as usual. It seems as though I uninstalled everything, and even re arranged my content since I use a 3 drive array for optimizing content placement. But just doing an uninstall which is suppose to work seems to just remove the dll's. Very innefficient. There are many other paths left in the registry to F3 the hell out of.

    Rewire / VSTi config window in GS4 got reassigned correctly and all is good. Now that it is reading the files properly I loaded up everything else like Muse and Wavelore GVI's plus the GS content and it is smooth as silk.

    I usually jump quick for help so a key tech walked me through the process. These guys have to know so many apps. and are underpaid, but at least they don't have to load gear anymore.

    I noticed the memory usage ( DSP ) rose to 60+ % with all of the GVI's and VSTi's, so maybe the Nehalem and 64bit XP won't be necessary till they are more mature and cheaper.

    I hope others get their DAW's working, because stacking eveything in GS4 is so nice live. And that's why I will keep using Tascam GS4. I think they did a great job with their manual, and the tackling of becoming a host in 32 & 64 bit was a chore.

    Now let's just get those little requests going so I can make life w/ MIDI CC's a little easier.

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    Exclamation Re: VSTi's w/ GS4

    I just got Muse to work perfectly thanks to regedit / F3 re-install.

    I am discovering that the uninstall process " Unwise " that many VSTi's use is a partial recovery vehicle only. Afterall viewing the registry I was shocked to see so many leftover folders marked Cakewalk, Logic, MTron, Kontackt, etc.

    I decided to do this after I used GS4's rewire / config menu, which BTW is excellent as it allows you to place all of your content wherever you want. It should be like this for all apps. actually.

    While rescanning for plugs I noticed that CHHorns, MTron, etc. would not show the option to one of my 3 content drives. This pissed me off, and naturally I was cursing Tascam as I often do, only to find it's something else. My key-tech walked me through the deletion of dozens of strings and files in regedit until every Cakewalk and Muse folder / strings, were deleted. I painfully went through the re install but at the end of the process I re scanned in GS4 and found the placement ( let the app use it's default option ) and bingo. It works beautifully and stacks well on the desired channel.

    I believe the root of all of these problems are path related so I am going to F3 everything and start over.

    The reason I do this on 3 drives is because SISS, VSL, MTron, etc. are used and stacked for the sections I use live and sometimes this is too much for a single, or even a dual drive config. By placing all of the string content across multiple drives higher polyphony can be attained, and this is great when having to store VSTi content to wherever the app wants it to go. Sure it gives us a choice during installation, but I have tried that and the drive I would choose wouldn't show up as an option. VERY frustrating. So I let the GVI's and VSTi's place the content to IT'S default choice, then re arrange the Giga content to an optimal location.

    I will continue this on all other apps and see what happens. But so far this looks like a sweet workaround as there is zero latency now. Under Bidule I notice slight latency but thankfully not enough to discourage it's use. Forte's latency on the other hand is unacceptable.

    Looks like the reason I have used Giga live for so long, will be the same reason I might continue to. Latency and stability.

    Giga ( Kernel Level MIDI ) and the Scope DSP Platform ( ULLI ) are real time applications. To be able to use these 2 apps simultaneously still after all of these years is a blessing.

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