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Topic: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

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    Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

    Hello friends,

    it has been quite a while and I was busy with some other, more conventional projects, but finally I got back to GPO and some classical tunes. Sitting in my brand new home recording studio, I found myself playing around with an old MIDI file I made years ago. It's Karl Jenkins' "Palladio", some of you might remember the DeBeers diamond commercial. I like it very much, it's a great piece of music...

    I played it with GPO and found out, that expecially the fast strumming of the violins and violas sounds pretty strange and artificial. Well, maybe I applied a little too much quantization to the original MIDI-File, but how the hell can I make this sound more realistic??

    Anybody got ideas?

    Here's the link for the file...
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    Re: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

    Hello Ray

    I don't know which sequencer you use. I use Sonar and a humanize-script.
    Do you have a link to the MIDI-file?

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    Re: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

    Well, I mainly use Cubase. Humanize script sounds interesting. Is there something like that for the Cubase world?

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    Re: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help


    The artificial sounds almost always come from quantization. Most people That use that are only doing it for the scoring purposes. In order to sound realistic, you need to keep in the varying attacks and beginnings of each instrument. In the strings, it helps to use some of the solo strings and have them hit there notes at different times, just as it would happen in a real orchestra.

    Hope that helps

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    Re: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

    Hi Ray,

    Ron has you on exactly the right track... just a slight variance in the actual attack and release points of the notes (midi "note on" and "note off" points, technically) goes a long ways towards "humanizing" an otherwise mechanical/robotic performance. I also do much editing of the actual volume level (decreasing it dramatically) at the very tail end of many notes -- especially longer-valued ones, which will help eliminate the abrupt, unnatural release. I do the opposite at the beginning of many notes, mimicking the acceleration of the bow (or air on wind instruments). It takes some experimentation and much time, but I think it's worth the effort.

    Another thing to consider... experiment with varying the velocity value (how "hard" the note is struck) of many of the notes. This also adds an individual quality to each instrument.

    You've chosen a beautiful piece and have a great start... hope this helps you along a little.


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    Re: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

    This is indeed a nice piece of music. I must say that I've never heard it before.

    Exactly the same velocity on the repeated notes, like Danny mentions, is indeed responsible for most "machine-gun" effects. One must vary them. I once played fast repeated notes on my MIDI keyboard and recorded the velocities. I copied those velocities into the repeated notes of my music. It sounded much better straight away. You could also try Var 1 and Var 2 (CC22 and CC23) controllers on those areas. It also helps a lot to vary the timbre and tuning of the repeated notes making them sound more "human".

    Good luck.
    Kind Regards

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    Re: Jenkins' PALLADIO redone - need some help

    Danny's pretty much hit handling the repeated notes problem.
    Vary the attacks, velocity, timing... anything so they aren't identical,
    which is what the ear objects to as unnatural.

    Off to a great start with this!



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