No Place To Hide Omnisphere demo / Metal Gear Solid tribute [by Henryk Iwan]
From Spectrasonics Omnisphere contest webpage:"No Place To Hide" was a motto around of which the newest installment of the popular Metal Gear Solid video game was developed. Since Henryk is totally crazy about the saga (he plays it so much he almost didn't make the contest deadline in time!) and the most recent installment was scored by one of his favorite film composers - Harry Gregson-Williams - Henryk decided to make this track not only a contest entry, but also his little tribute to what he calls "the greatest video game franchise ever". It was certainly our only entry dedicated to a video game! More importantly's an excellent piece of music. When Henryk started making this track, he decided to limit himself to using Spectrasonics instruments only. No other VIs or live instruments were used, so this track is also an excellent demo of what can be done with just Atmosphere, Trilogy and Stylus RMX.
Genre: Game
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