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Topic: Velocity controlling volume for some reason

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    Question Velocity controlling volume for some reason

    Hi - I just got GOP so forgive a newbish question. I can't find the solution in the manual though.

    Using one of the Viola Solo instruments, I can see that the velocity with which I hit the keys IS effecting the volume in addition to affecting the attack (at least I think it is affecting the attack). What might I be doing wrong? I am using Sonar Producer 7. Please let me know if you need any more info. Thanks.


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    Re: Velocity controlling volume for some reason

    Thanks John, but I have to make sure this is correct. Using the Violin 1 gagli solo, for instance, leaving the mod wheel alone, if I hit a key softly, and then hard for comparison's sake, it is not just the attack that is louder, but also as I hold the note down, it remains at a louder volume than did the note that I hit softly. Is this what is supposed to happen? I noticed this did not happen with a flute sound I tried.

    Also, a different question (maybe I should start a new thread): The string solo instruments by default are loading with max polyphony set to 3 or 4 - not 1, as I thought was the default for the solo instruments! The solo woodwind instruments seem to correctly load with a default polyphony of 1. I don't know if this is related to the first issue or not, but both issues make it seem like something is wrong with my string library or setup.

    Thanks for your help!

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Welcome Mick!

    In GPO, Velocity controls note attack, which by nature produce a louder or softer attack - but it's not controlling the actual note volume. Volume/Timbre is controlled by the modwheel - CC1. Velocity and CC1 work together to shape the phrases and attacks and make them musical - have a look at this screenshot to see what I mean:

    this was taken for a different purpose, but you can see how the variations in both CC1 and velocity can be used together.

    Not doing anything wrong, this is the beauty of the Garritan libs!


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    Re: Velocity controlling volume for some reason

    Thanks Jon. I feel a lot better knowing this is how it is for everybody. Now I can continue practicing


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