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Topic: Sonar 6 vs Kontakt 2

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    Sonar 6 vs Kontakt 2

    I'm using Kontakt 2 as a VST plug in and I'm having issues with notes sticking. I have read some responses about making sure the layout is set of VST, I've done that. And I'm not sure if there is anyway to reset the MIDI data on Sonar 6, but I am still having the sticking problem. I could simply start a whole new project and the problem goes away, but I loose what I was working on in that case. Any help?

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    Re: Sonar 6 vs Kontakt 2

    Do you have overlapping notes or conflicting tracks? MIDI Note On's without corresponding Note Off's are the cause of stuck notes.

    Check out the piano roll view to delete or 'reset' your data.

    At worst you should be able to stop and re-start the audio engine. No need to start a new project every time.

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    Re: Sonar 6 vs Kontakt 2

    Sonar also records sustain pedal data in the midi track, so if you are recording multiple clips in the same track, the pedal down sustain can sometime control the note on an overlapping clip and cause it to sustain past where it should. I look at the notation view where you'll see a "P" for sustain and a "*" for release under the staff. These can be easily moved to the proper spot with the pencil tool. That is just one of the several reasons there could be for stuck notes, but its been the most common for me.

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