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Topic: need help on computer set up

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    Question need help on computer set up

    ok here it is

    I,m finally at a point where i need to hook up 2 computers to run together. not a clue how to go about this , my main computer Mac G5 dual 2.0 ghz and my new computer is PC Q-6600 2.4 ghz my present interface is FA-101 edirol firewire (on the mac), price is not an issue.


    I'm looking at a new audio card
    motu 828 mk2

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    Re: need help on computer set up

    depends what you want to do, but why not set up a LAN connection. If you're on the internet your half way there, get a hub and they'll talk to each other and the rest of the world.
    If your soundcards have midi in/out/through you can connect these together or through a keyboard. audio to audio is easy, just connect out to in (might need to check they're both set to duplex and turn the volume right down first, then up until it screams)
    Steinberg do a software solution for running two versions of Cubase as one, but I can't comment on this
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    Question Re: need help on computer set up

    I've been using EW Symphonic Platinum bundle now that I've added Garritan Steinway and other libraries . I need to take the load off my Mac , I'm recieving the upgrade to Play from EW so I figure that I'll install that on the new PC and keep the old Library on the mac. As you probably know EW libraries are large 35 dvds. Does this make sense to you. To connect through LAN does it require to turn on sharing. How would you use the second PC


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    Re: need help on computer set up

    You'll need a program such as MIDI over Lan to send MIDI data over the LAN between computers. The problem with this is that you'll have to bounce the audio from the slave machine (the PC in your case) to your MAC.

    I'm not sure what programs are available to send both MIDI and audio over the LAN between a PC and MAC. Vienna has their VE3 that works this way but is designed more for their products.


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