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Topic: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

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    Post Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Hi Eveyone.

    I'm a new member here on the forums but, I've been listening to alot of the music here for a good while now. I must say, there are so many great comosers here! I work with several programs including EWQL (silver) and Sebelius notation software but, I only have the GPO essentials that came bundled with it.

    Anyway, I have been working on this arrangement and thought I would share it with you. It is the classic Beatles tune "Eleanor Rigby" arranged by me, for violins and cello. This is still a work in progress but I would like to get some input on the rendering, and anything else anyone might find helpful. Thanks for your time.

    Link: http://www.box.net/shared/23q3lte88w

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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Welcome, Night Owl! I'm sure you'll get a lot of helpful, positive feedback here.

    This arrangement is very, very well done! Appropriately "Beatle-esque" and true to the flavor of the original. You've got a very good arrangement happening here.

    One minor suggestion would be to possibly sharpen some of the attacks -- they sound just a tad on the mushy side and not quite as well-defined as the others. Some of the releases are a bit abrupt also -- having said that, I also realize that these are issues not always easily addressed in a notation program.

    I really enjoyed this! A great start to a great arrangement of a great tune. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Hi Night Owl! and Welcome.

    I agree with Dan about the string attacks. I believe there might be a separate "Marcato" attack you could use; layer those with the Sustains.

    Also, maybe you could play around with variations on the melody? Chord progressions or rhythms? Might be fun.

    Anyway, a great introduction of yourself and obvious talent! ;looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    I'll have to second what Danny said about some technical issues. This is a good place to get some pointers from fellow notation composers and arrangers.

    I did thoroughly enjoy your arrangement. It sure shows how strong that song was from (IMO) one of their best two albums. In fact one of the best arrangements I've ever heard of that tune.


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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Nicely done... I never was that familiar with the Beatles, so I don't know if this is the song. But you made it sing for me, and with the others a bit more attack will do no harm to this piece..... I am sure we will hear from you, at least I hope so. A warm welcome,


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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    This is a very cool arrangement of this song. I am a big Beatles fan. I enjoyed this very much. Welcome to this wonderful forum.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Welcome Night Owl.

    Very nice arrangement. Also, agree with the others
    regarding string attacks.

    I think you did a really fine job on this. Hope to hear
    some more of your arrangements/music in the near

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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your nice comments. I'm still learning to work with a notation program and there is still so much to learn. I've watched all the tutorials and have learned alot from them. I'm also going through the lessons inclueded in Sebelius to help better understand all the tech. stuff.

    I will go back and work more on the arrangement to sharpen some of the attacks, and ending note lengths, so they don't end so abruptly. So far, I think learning to work with all the articulations has been the hardest for me.

    Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome and nice comments. I will re-post an updated version as soon as I am satisified with the results.

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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    Welcome! nice arrangement on this song. Cannot say I'm a huge Beatles fan but of course I do appreciate their talent and longevity.

    I would have to concur with some of the other comments about attacks etc. Sounds like you are off to a great start and keep them coming!

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    Re: Eleanor Rigby- For Violins & Cello

    A warm welcome aboard, Night Owl!

    Darned strong first showing, too... the arranging on this
    is excellent; very able, well thought-out string work in it.
    Too often when people set this to strings, they lose the
    vitality of the piece in the process -- but you've kept
    the energy and life in it well.

    As with others, additional tinkering perhaps with attacks
    and nuancing -- maybe a little further effort with the
    dynamics for a bit more drama -- would be worthwhile
    effort, by my ear.

    Well done!

    My best,


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