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Topic: Probably a dumb question about GigaPiano

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    Probably a dumb question about GigaPiano

    Okay. I confess, I\'m a bit of a GigaNewbie... Nevertheless, that will not stop me from asking.

    I recently bought GigaSampler64, and it included GigaPiano. I started experimenting with it a couple of days ago, and I have several observations on the Gigapiano that just won\'t go away...

    For starters, my system is running nothing other than GS. It is an AMD 900MHz, 20GB drive, and an SB Audigy (temporarily, until I get $$ for something better) running under Win98.

    With Gigapiano, for my ear, the piano seems noticeably muted for about an octave and a half, starting with 2nd line G (treble clef). Before that, and after that, it generally sounds ok.

    Additionally, the entire instrument character seems to change when the sustain pedal is applied.

    Honestly, I\'m a little disappointed at this point. So, I must ask:

    a) is it me, or has anyone else noted this?
    b) are there any patches or anything for gigapiano that corrects this?
    c) could it be something related to the use of the SB Audigy card?


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    Re: Probably a dumb question about GigaPiano

    Hello EnsoniqWiz:

    I would strongly encourage you to do a search on Gigapiano in this forum. You will find lots of feedback, both good and bad about this instrument. Bruce Richardson did an excellent and positively focused review on three of the popular pianos.

    In a nutshell, there are \"only\" 31 groups of samples to make up the 88 keys so that for sure will cause coloration over ranges of the keyboard. You can open the file in GigaEditor to see how well your ear is discerning where the split points are. In addition, many have questioned the choice of microphone used to capture the instrument.

    I have a 2 Sblives. One is running through an external D/A. There is no comparison in sound quality between the two. I do not know of Audigy\'s D/A quality.

    Hope this helps,


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