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Topic: Speaker cable runs

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    Speaker cable runs

    I'm just putting in my monitors, and deciding how to run the cable round the room, from my surrounds to the subwoofer. It'll be best, from a not-tripping-over-them point of view, if I take both cables the same way round the room together, running them along the back of a bookcase to emerge near the sub.

    I know you can't run power cables adjacent to speaker cable, but is it ok to run two speaker cables together, or will there be interference?

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    Re: Speaker cable runs

    Thanks Ern! I found the same answer on an AV forum, suggesting that crosstalk between audio cables is tiny - so I think I'll go upstairs and tape everything in place now.

    Someone made the same screwup at our school awards ceremony last week. There was a PA in place, for the speeches, and some plonker ran a whole bunch of power cables alongside the speaker cable. Made the speeches a lot less dull...

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    Re: Speaker cable runs

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen View Post
    That should be fine, I believe.

    Reminds me of a BIG mistake at a brand new rock club my band played at in Lansing, MI some time ago. They permanently wired the P.A. cables parallel to the stage lighting cables. Wow, talk about 60 cycle hum! It was terrible.



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