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Topic: Orchestration: projects files anywhere?

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    Orchestration: projects files anywhere?


    I just discovered the videos at VSL regarding SE. They are great! And also the project files they have available for donwload, so you can mess inside and see how he made this or that.

    Does anybody know if there´s any other place (forum thread or whatever) where you have more project files (using Cubase here) to check and analize the composition and techniques inside? Not really only VSL oriented but on any kind of orchestral software synth. Even some very accurate OST midi files would be a great source i guess, but then there´s the 16 channels limitation.

    I find this can be the best/quickest way to learn for beginners, like me, so any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Orchestration: projects files anywhere?

    I'm interested in that as well, so I'm all ears in this thread!

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    Re: Orchestration: projects files anywhere?

    Hi northernu,

    Try the Principles of Orchestration section of this forum. It's on the main forum page under Education. You'll find lessons that feature orchestral scores with audio rendered by GPO, as well as MIDI files containing the data that the audio was made from. (Well, they are missing one part, the idea being that you fill in the missing part yourself as a form of tutorial. Even so, it should be of use to your learning.) Hope that helps,


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    Re: Orchestration: projects files anywhere?

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks a lot for pointing me to that section, i completely missed it! Indeed, it is very useful.

    Something like this but with excerpts of movie soundtracks would be super! But i guess it doesnt exist...


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