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Topic: First Call Horns and Leopard

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    First Call Horns and Leopard

    I lost First Call Horns when I updated to Leopard. I have written the company but never heard anything.

    I managed to update my kontakt player ok, but it could not read the FCH files to open them.

    Anyone experience this?



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    Re: First Call Horns and Leopard

    That's Too Bad,

    I have stayed "Old School" w/ my choice of O.S. just to keep using some of my favorite old content like First Call Horns. That w/ Screaming Trumpets, CHHorns, and Muse's Baritone Sax Duo make great live section ala T of P, Bill Chase, etc.

    Hope You Find A Fix. I grow weary of O.S.'s from SW developers forcing our apps. to respond.

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    Re: First Call Horns and Leopard

    Thanks scope. If I can't get an answer, I will gladly take a little sympathy.

    I am completely with you on the upgrades. I had to do this upgrade because the old mac wasn't keeping up anymore.

    Happy I did, but I use the "time capsule" approach. I get a new machine, buy all the software at once, get everything working and then hands off for at least 5 years.

    All those automatic upgrade windows that are constantly showing up? I have never installed one. Stay away from my machine!

    I got some great programs with this upgrade so First Call Horns unfortunately appears to be collateral damage.

    Anyone here have Broadway Big Band? That will completely break your budget but what an amazing library!

    I will rave on if anyone has any interest.

    100 gigs of Big Band goodness.

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    Re: First Call Horns and Leopard

    Agreed On BBB.

    I heard it live here in Vegas. In the right hands, and w/ knowledge of a great arranger like Nelson Riddle, etc., it can't be beat for that style.

    I use my libraries for TOP, EW&F type of sections and have to mix GS4 / GVI and K2 to achieve good results live, but having Screaming Trumpets, First Call, and CHein Horns works fine.

    Anyone heard CHein Horns upgrade yet? For those who have the first version this is a cheap upgrade. I will try it out and report back.

    I even heard my ancient MTron is being upgraded next month. I really respect developers who upgrade their products. It shows they are here to stay and keeps guys like me in their camp.

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    Re: First Call Horns and Leopard

    Broadway Big Band is somewhat misnamed. It is perfect for EWF/Tower of Power stuff.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: First Call Horns and Leopard

    Well my demo was when it was first released, and perhaps I should have taken Sonivox up on the NAMM offer.

    Where could I hear a punchy demo instead of the ones I have heard live and on the web?

    I have recently started using a 32bit Integer multitrack app and a click again live and could easily record tracks which would be sweet. I currently have to use 2 pedals and both hands for my sections to sound accurate. I would really love to just use the lead trumpets live over some sections so my comps w/ my left hand don't suffer. The group will be going to a live 5.1 @ 96k next month and I was going to Multitrack everything anyway.

    Any links, or on hands knowledge would be appreciated.



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