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Topic: KP-2 and Cubase AI 4

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    KP-2 and Cubase AI 4

    Yamaha's KX 49 controller comes with an included Cubase AI-4 sequencer. When first installed AI-4 failed to recognize KP-2. A re-installation of KP-2 solved this problem.

    Incidentally after installing AI-4, Cubasis supplied with JABB will not install.

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    Re: KP-2 and Cubase AI 4

    Hi fittsy,

    The supplied Cubasis is a really older program, and what you're describing might be a conflict of Steinberg stuff more than anything else. What sort of error message are you getting and what OS are you running?

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    Re: KP-2 and Cubase AI 4

    I'm sure that it is a Steinberg conflict. When I first couldn't get AI-4 to recognize KP-2, I uninstalled it, and tried to re-install Cubasis. Cubasis installation barfed during the copying of files. Apparently there is something buried in the Windows XP registry that was installed with AI-4 that is causing the conflict.
    Now that I have AI-4 installed, projects that were created with Cubasis are rejected by AI-4, so all that work goes down the dumper. Thanks Steinberg.

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