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Topic: Looking for ragtime suggestions

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    Looking for ragtime suggestions

    I am hard at work on my musical Rivertown to be produced in 2009. I am down to 4 or 5 songs I need to write out of 23 - 24. I always write lyrics first with a likely melody in mind at the same time. I know what style, tempo, etc. that I will use with the lyrics. When I get the lyrics for the 24 songs, then I go back and make lead sheets - then orchestrations for the pit orchestra - then a demo CD.

    The musical is set in the time period of 1809 - 1909. I will be opening the second act with a showboat scene. I will be writing original songs for it, but I want a dance number as well. I want to do an arrangement of an old piano rag. Nothing like a well-known Joplin rag, but something of quality that would make a nice dance tune for choreography.

    I am not conversant with ragtime, but I am sure there are experts here in the forums. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, but maybe obscure old piano rag? I would need to have the sheet music to work from as well.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Post Re: Looking for ragtime suggestions

    Hi Charles,

    You might do a search on James Scott or Joseph Lamb. They were contemporaries of Scott Joplin and wrote in his style. They would have several relatively obscure things you could draw on (or perhaps even some of the less know Joplin might be used). Joplin, Lamb, and Scott are considered the "Big Three" of ragtime's golden age.

    Good luck on your musical, Rivertown!


    I took a quick look around and found some representative samples. (I've taken the liberty of listing one from each composer that may likely suit your purposes):

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