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Topic: Performance file not loading instrument

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    Performance file not loading instrument

    Last night I was using the Post Piano Suite, and I wanted to load in one of the performance files. I\'ve done this many times before, and it\'s never been a problem: the appropriate instument would load and the DSP setting would also be set. But last night the instrument wouldn\'t load - the DSP settings were there, but no instrument.

    Is there a reason for this?

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    did you recently move the file?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    King is on to something.

    I didn\'t save the performance without the instrument, but I DID move the file. In fact I actually deleted the entire Post Piano Suite from my D drive and reloaded it from the CD in an attempt to rectify a different problem (a problem which was later addressed by Mr. Post himself by providing a free gig - very cool). So I reloaded the PPS library just the same way I did initially, and then this problem popped up. Is gigastudio looking for the instrument in the wrong place?

    Last night I also Defraged my D drive with hopes of alleviating the problem, but it didn\'t help.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for the replies, guys.

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    Is there a chance that you accidentally clicked save when the instrument was unloaded?

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    This is probably too obvious an answer but have you refreshed the QuickSound database since moving the sounds?

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    The Quick sound automatically updated when I started up Gigastudio after reloading the library from CD. However, it couldn\'t hurt to update it again so I\'ll try it manually. Thanks for the tip.

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    I am torn...

    On the one hand, I hope that you guys are right and it\'s just as simple as refreshing the quick sound database.

    On the other hand, if it IS that simple I\'m going to feel like a complete moron.

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    You can always open the performance in a text editor. You\'ll need to set the text editor to look for all files.

    Scroll down a ways in the file until you hit the section that has the gigs being loaded. Find the gig and then check the path that it wants to load from. Go into explorer and make sure you installed the gigs to the same location. If not, rename the folders. Update the database in Giga and then try reloading the performance.

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    Okay - now I feel better on both counts.

    1. I\'m not a moron (at least not in this case) because the problem wasn\'t one of simply manually updating the Quick sound database. I did the update (right click on the \"Local Sampler\" icon in the lower left window and choose \"rebuild entire database\" - for those who might be interested) but the problem was still there.

    2. The performance file now works. Out of frustration, I once again trashed the library folder on my D drive and reloaded it from the CD. Now it works. I have no clue why it didn\'t work earlier, but I\'m just happy it\'s humming along correctly now. Very strange.

    So there you have it. Another issue for the search archives (although I doubt this problem occurs very often).

    Thanks for the input, guys.

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    Re: Performance file not loading instrument

    Wow! Great info Haydn.

    It makes sense that the performance file would be the issue rather than the Quick sound database, since the database is just used as a file search device whereas the performance file itself should know where to find the instrument files it needs.


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