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Topic: Free gig's

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    Free gig\'s

    Free gigs always seem to attract attention...

    We\'ve uploaded a small free hammered dulcimer sample and a hobo on my site.

    The original hammered dulcimer sample in Post Piano Suite vol. 1 never had loops, so it always cut the sound immediately at the sample end (after 4 sec). I made loops in the instrument, which can be downloaded at:

    The hobo is at: http://www.postaudiomedia.com/free/hobo.gig

    Have fun!

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    Re: Free gig\'s

    BTW the hobo is an organ patch from the Post Organ Toolkit, you\'ll have to add a large reverb to get the feeling of a church organ playing!

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    Re: Free gig\'s

    Hi Michiel,

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I like the Hobo program (no velocity, yep, that\'s the organ feel).

    Is this Dulcimer Gig just an extracted version? I mean, it\'s based on only 3 waves...



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    Re: Free gig\'s

    the Dulcimer sample dates back from the pre-giga days (you remember the previous century?)
    It was an Akai (30kHz/mono) recording with clicks and pops. I updated this small file for a customer and decided to put it out for free.


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    Re: Free gig\'s

    Thanks Michiel,

    Downloading. Will check them out later

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Free gig\'s

    Hey Michiel, thanks so much. free is always good, and the hammered dulcimer sounds excellent to boot. I iwll no doubt find use for this sample.

    Question: I know very little about the hammered dulcimer. Do it\'s players have a ways of damping strings? I notice this sample has a long ringing sustain which makes a bit of a harmonic mess out of faster runs. Just curious. And again, thanks.


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    Re: Free gig\'s

    The hammered dulcimer is mainly a pecrcussive instrument. Do the players have a ways of damping strings? When they have a hand free they might damp the strings. Normally they don\'t. The samples release stage is quite long, you may try to avoid problems by shortening the release a bit.

    [This message has been edited by Michiel Post (edited 03-01-2002).]

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