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Topic: cresc. dim. HELP!!

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    Red face cresc. dim. HELP!!


    I have touched on this before but still have the same problem.
    My dynamic range is really only at one level at the moment.
    I do use the dynamic markings such as ff~C1,100 in sibelius which is fine to apply to a section but when i place crescendos, diminuendos (hairpins) the dynamic level does not change during or after the note in which it is placed.
    I did try using the sibelius plug-in (cresc. dim.) but again with no success.
    There MUST be a way to cresc. and dim.

    If anyone can help me on this i would be very greatful.


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    Re: cresc. dim. HELP!!

    Hi Dan,

    What version of Sib are you using? I was under the impression that the latest one underwent some playback changes to work natively with Garritan stuff.

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