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Topic: How to reregister GPO on new DAW

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    How to reregister GPO on new DAW

    I have GPO 2nd Edition. I upgraded to a new DAW. I installed GPO on the 2nd DAW and try to register it. But the registration has already been done on the 1st DAW. How do I un-register it on the first DAW and re-register it on my new DAW.

    My 1st DAW does not exist anymore, so it is not like I am running it on 2 DAWS.

    Any help ?
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    Re: How to reregister GPO on new DAW

    I need to know this too, I need to replace my motherboard soon. It s playing up. Can you unregister somehow ?
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    Re: How to reregister GPO on new DAW

    NI implemented a new registration scheme some time ago. While the two simultaneous license limit still stands, they've removed the lockdown two authorization method. If you run Service Center (use the Version 2 available from the NI site and uninstall that flash-based version 1 thing) on the new DAW it should authorize properly. It worked for me


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