I've been using Pro Tools LE 7.1 for over two years now, but a few months ago I discovered a problem with the tempo.

How it used to work: If I wrote several midi tracks in the computer, I could change the tempo, and the entire project stretched to match it.

How it works now: If I try to change the tempo, the grid changes, but the midi stays where it is, and doesn't stretch to match the change.

It's really annoying because whenever I decide a song should be faster or slower, I can't change the whole darn thing with a few simple clicks. I'm forced to change it to match the new tempo, note by bitty note.

I'm guessing I just managed to hit a button or change a preference I shouldn't have. But I've searched digidesign.com and googled my problem, as well and experimented with Pro Tools options for hours, and with no success. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks a lot!