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Topic: Hey Francis - a SOV thing...

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    Hey Francis - a SOV thing...

    where did you end up ordering SOV from and how much was it (if you mind me asking)?
    I got a quote of 474 from Soundchaser...

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    Re: Hey Francis - a SOV thing...

    I don\'t mind you asking

    I purchased it from Sound Chaser for $419.99... In fairness, I also puchased Giga Translator, so that may be the reason for the lower price then what you have been quoted. Im not sure. I can tell you that SOV is very cool and it\'s worth the cash...even if the programming is a bit old school.


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    Re: Hey Francis - a SOV thing...

    Thank you sir!
    I\'ll send \'em an email right now...

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    Re: Hey Francis - a SOV thing...

    So, what did they say? \"That son of a! We give him a special deal and he tells the world!\", or?


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    Re: Hey Francis - a SOV thing...

    They haven\'t gotten back to me, but I think I might have to get a new harddrive before I get more sample libraries...I\'m running off of a 5 gig one right now and I just got Prosonus...so i might have to hold off on SOV for the time being.

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