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Topic: Garritan trashing... happens too often

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    Garritan trashing... happens too often

    I've come across so many posts from people on other forums, trashing GPO and the other Garritan libraries.

    I find this strange and somehow, incredibly unprofessional (a lot of these people deem themselves "professionals" in the world of sampling - in other words, they write music for game mods).

    The latest comment was that "GPO isn't highly regarded in the sample industry". Now, how does one respond to something like that?

    Obviously, I don't think that the Garritan libraries are THE most SINGLE realistic and PERFECT sample libraries on the market EVER made...
    Sure there are some libraries that have better sounding instruments. They also cost a couple grand each... and not to forget, a TINY bit harder to use.

    So why this apparent animosity towards the Garritan libraries? Why do people feel this need to lob "in passing" insults at them? (and by implication, those who use them)

    It's beyond me.

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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    I share your frustration, but it doesn't seem to be limited to just Garritan products. I see lots of "<this product> sucks!" posts on lots of forums.

    Many times when you dig into the details, the person posting is really just venting frustration about their own inability to use a product correctly. If it weren't for the anonymity of the internet, we would see fewer posts like that.

    Not quite the same topic, but I am seeing a lot more posts from people who choose to use an internet forum in place of reading the manual. This usually leads to the "<this product> sucks!" posts, since the advice they receive from the forum may not be as detailed or as accurate as what the manuals provide.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    I think it's a combination of things

    1 "I bought/have another sample library which costs $$$$$$ and I'm *&@%#$* that there's a good/great playable library for way less."

    2 "My xxx is bigger/better than your xxx. This hold true for cars, sequencers, DAWs etc."

    I laugh everytime I PLAY GPO, Strad, Gofiller CMB and JABB at the simple delight of the music I can make. All hail Gary and team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    I think every library has its strong points and weak points -- and that some of them, at least, are subjective. I like to hear about both the strengths and weaknesses of a product before I buy it.

    I am sometimes skeptical when somebody completely trashes a product (though that's not quite the same as saying "I dislike this particular feature so much that it's a dealbreaker" -- that doesn't turn me off.) I am always skeptical of claims of perfection, however. Because I know we are dealing with samples here -- they are not perfect and never will be. Most of the time, I am just trying to decide whether the product will be useful and worth the price. I have laid out quite a bit of cash for some libraries and very little for others -- and, on the whole, it seems to me that price has little to do with quality.

    My personal preference, for the kind of work that I am doing, was summed up best by another poster in a different NS forum: I am usually looking for sample-ability, rather than playability.

    Garritan products not the most attractive to me. All that mod wheel and pedal stuff drives me nuts. That said, I own both JABB and GPO and use some of the instruments in each regularly. They are a great value for the money. And they are very flexible where some libaries are not. They were the first to allow the creation of small ensembles (though I don't think they took this idea quite far enough) also the first that I'd come across to have a wide varitey of mutes for the brass (in JABB).

    The sound quality is a mixed bag. I think the harps are as good as or better than other sampled harps costing as much as the whole GPO library. The harpsichord has different colors than any of the others I own, which is useful sometimes. Ditto for the drums, percussion and acoustic guitar in JABB. I use some of the woodwinds from GPO occassionally. And the solo strings got me out of jam once (because they are looped) when none of my other solo string instruments could hold a chord long enough.

    I don't care for the GPO organ or the pianos in either library. And I don't like the JABB saxes at all. But I wouldn't tell anyone not to buy a copy of either Garritian product. You might not like or use every instrument, but they are very reasonably priced and you are likely to find some that you can use and suplement it with instruments from other publishers.

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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    I think a lot of the problem is that the budget Garritan products (GPO, JABB, etc) massively outperform their price bracket. Then people tend to forget that they were budget products, aimed at us poor people, and start to compare them to the mega expensive libraries. It's kind of like buying a Ford, finding that it massively outperforms expectation, but then bitching about it not quite being as good as your Porsche.

    When Gary is going for high end and groundbreaking, in my experience he tends to outshine others in that bracket too.

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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    It must be added that some people must show their superiority by hauling out the calipers and microscopes to nit pick and exaggerate and distort minor problems.

    However, I generally agree that many people have not exercised the energy to learn the products, and expect to insert a disc and find all works smoothly and perfectly without effort or thought by the user.


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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    The trashing of GPO started the day it was announced and most of it by another competitor and a bunch of John Williams wannabees that used to be on this forum. They just couldn't accept the fact that a cheaper orchestra could do as much and sometimes more than their expensive libraries. The cost of GPO was just 'below' them. It was more of an ego thing.

    I've always liked how Gary encourages his users to try other libraries instead of cutting down the competition. You never hear him say anything bad about them. I love to mix and match libraries (and I have quite a few) but I still use quite a few Garritan instruments.


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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    I have heard all of the others, the musicians I work with use them and send me the tracks to mix and master. I know what they can do and can't do.

    I bought GPO.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    Yep. . . I've read the "Garritan trashing" on various forums at various times. I've also read high praise and high recommendations to purchase Garritan products as well. I've shared many-a-high-praise myself. They're great products. They are most certainly "a LOT of bang for the buck".

    They are also NOT the only instrumental library sets that I own. I was sincerely impressed when I read Gary, himself, suggest that composers consider purchasing other libraries. He, and the talented people who work with him, have gained my respect and admiration. And I purchase other instrumental libraries without the feeling of guilt in betraying this businessman. Interestingly, this makes me want to purchase the newer Garritan products once they come to market. (I already own two GPO libraries, two JABB libraries, the Strativari (sp?) and the cello libraries. I guess I'm a Garritan product junky! LOL! ) But as one member said in a previous post here, these libraries seem to blend well with the other non-Garritan instrumental libraries! I LOVE the sound that I've created, so-far, when blending GPO, JABB and the Kirk Hunter orchestral library all together. Besides the Garritan products, I would HIGHLY recommend the Kirk Hunter orchestral libraries as well. (And the Chris Hein Guitars, etc., etc.) But, without a doubt, the Garritan libraries serve as my foundation of instrumental choices when I sequence.

    So. . . I turn a blind eye to those negative comments that pop up every now and then. I'm happy. It seems that a lot of other Garritan product users are happy too. Quite frankly, that's all that matters. . . .

    . . . and that we all continue to create wonderful music. . . .

    Happy composing, folks!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Garritan trashing... happens too often

    Quote Originally Posted by efiebke View Post
    . . . and that we all continue to create wonderful music. . . .
    Absolutely well put, Ted.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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