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Topic: Kontakt via Rewire

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    Kontakt via Rewire


    I was wondering if anybody here is using Kontakt(or any sampler) in a Rewire configuration under WinXP and if yes, which host perform this task well. I figured that it could be a way to use more memory than under the main host which cannot to over the 2GB limit.


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    Re: Kontakt via Rewire

    So far, the best working solution I've found is Plogue Bidule.

    I use it under Vista64 (my daw still runs as 32 bits app), and with bidule I can get another 2-3 fully loaded instances of Kontakt.

    Downsides are that it can be somewhat finnicky to set up, and for some reason Bidule uses a port for each channel, meaning that if you want to access 16 midi channels you need to create 16 ports, which fills up your midi menu with loads of bidule ports.

    Other than that, it works great and supports offline bouncing, which is a real boon.

    Currently I'm trying to put together a Max MSP app that will do the same thing, but slightly tidier and without the modular setup..but it will be a while before that's done.


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    Re: Kontakt via Rewire

    Thanks Joe.

    When you said 2-3 other instance of Kontakt, do you mean that you can run more than one instance of bidule at the time or Bidule is already 64bits and you put 2-3 Kontakt inside it.

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